About One Stage Productions

One Stage Productions, a non profit organization, is devoted to enhancing self-esteem in children through creative story-telling and performance art. We do this in diverse ways, through workshops and staged productions involving all aspects of creativity, including music, stories, dance, and art.

How is our approach unique?

Everyone has a story. We are about the stories we tell. Our stories make us laugh, they make us cry, and we get stuck not knowing which way to go. Sometimes our stories are asking to be shared. Our goal is to listen to the voices of children to help them shape their stories, to work together, to build exciting and authentic on stage productions. Children get so involved in these stories, that they realize they are not alone.

We know bullying is a sensitive issue, particularly among school children. Activities that give voice to their ideas and concerns, and bolster creative problem solving in a fun and safe environment is a highly effective way to combat this problem.

Additionally, we employ enthusiastic young choreographers, musicians, and storytellers, to help shape the production and work with the children. Together, we create interesting tales and stage productions.  Everyone benefits!