Side by Side Project

– In partnership with Brio Integrated Theater and The Winchester Multicultural Network –

Listen to the official recording of ‘Side By Side’ with vocalist Ashley Tucker!

Music composed by Marlene Fereshetian ©


The SIDE BY SIDE program empowers kids everywhere to join hands and come together through unity and compassion. Our original ‘Side By Side’ song promotes diversity, acceptance, and kindness, with a message to empower kids to be themselves and to embrace the differences in others.

The goal of the SIDE BY SIDE campaign is to have kids everywhere express themselves creatively, while advancing the message of diversity and kindness.

In the summer of 2015, we collaborated with Brio Integrated Theater, The Winchester Multicultural Network, and the Lynch Elementary School in Winchester, MA to officially kick off the Side by Side Project. The kids created their own skit with the help of Belmont High School volunteers and learned an original dance to the tune of the Side by Side song, both of which were performed at the local farmers’ market.

To learn more about our project from last year click here and check out the footage below of the kids rehearsing!

The Side By Side Project also visited Lynn, MA where we joined Brio Theater and partnered with the Lynn REAL after school program to spread this important message.

In the summer of 2017, we had our own Poster Design Competition, sponsored by Foodie’s Market in Belmont Center and supported by many other local vendors. Click here to see more.

Side By Side’s 2017 Poster Competition with Foodie’s Market. Our winner, Caroline!

Last summer, we worked on a new project to create a video to further spread this positive message to kids everywhere. Click here to learn more about this project!

This summer, we are starting our new project called “Easy Breezy Stories.” Find out how you can get involved by clicking here!

‘Side By Side’ vocalist Ashley Tucker with the kids