Past Project: A Music Video Production – “The Side By Side Project”

A mini music video project by One Stage Productions! ♫

What is Side By Side?

The Side By Side program empowers kids everywhere to join hands and come together through unity and compassion. Our original theme song, ‘Side By Side’, promotes diversity, acceptance, and cooperation, and our program has created a movement that empowers kids to be themselves and to embrace the differences in others. Click here for more information about our past projects and visit our Instagram and Twitter!

What Is Our Video Project:

Our video project is run by One Stage Productions, a Belmont, MA based children’s non-profit devoted to enhancing self-esteem in all children through creative arts programs.

The goal of this collaborative project is to put together a video montage including our original anti-bullying theme song, “Side By Side”, and creative submissions from kids.

Through this music video, we hope to spread the message of kindness, acceptance, and community. We are so excited to get your creative input in our ongoing project.

We will be accepting video submissions NOW through August 10th, 2018.


What To Include In Your Video:

  • Include up to 40 seconds of you, your friends, your pets, or anyone else dancing, singing along, or just having fun to our Side By Side Song
  • Add costumes, masks, super hero capes, costumes, etc. Anything you want to make your video as fun as possible!
  • You may also include any clips of your artwork
  • Feel free to include segments explaining what Side By Side means to you!
  • Most importantly, HAVE FUN!!! Make your video as creative as possible!

Requirements for Video Entries:

  • This project is open for kids between the ages 5 and 13
  • ALL children who appear in each video MUST have permission waivers signed by their parents/guardians. Example: If 3 children are present in the video, 3 waivers must be signed. One for each child shown in the video.
  • Submitted video clips should be no longer than 40 seconds**

**Since this is a short video, we cannot guarantee all submissions will be included. Our goal is to include as many video clips as possible! All video clips submitted (or parts thereof), may be cut down or edited for length or clarity at our discretion.

How To Submit Your Video:

  • Send your video to our email:
    • How to name your video file:[Child’s First Name]_[Parent’s First And Last Name]   (Ex: Chloe_AlanSmith)
    • Have your Parent/Guardian email us including:
      • Name of Parent/Guardian
      • Name Child/Children
      • All signed waivers for the children present in video (Click link for waiver)
        • Parents must attach signed waiver in the email either as a scanned image or as a photo taken of the waiver. For any questions/concerns, please email us.
      • Name of the video file you submitted via email

No child’s name will be included in the video in order to ensure their privacy.

*We reserve the right to refuse any video or other submissions we deem to be offensive, disrespectful, or inappropriate.*

How the Video Will Be Created:

After the contest closes on August 10th, 2018, our creative team will put together a fun, collaborative music video with your help.

The video will be shown sometime in the fall on our website, in our workshops, and through other possible media sources.

For any questions, contact Marlene and Josie at