What We Do

We run workshops and programs in which the kids express ideas and join in writing original stories. The children work together in building these stories. These original themes are then built into our readings and  productions and presented to our communities.

We are involved in a variety of settings, including schools, libraries, and community centers. We also collaborate and partner with other organizations to offer unique experiences and help the children develop their skills and talents.

Power Up! Workshop

Power Up! is a  pilot program for children that reinforces the importance of self-esteem and empowerment. It consists of fun skits and stories, as well as music and movement. The goal is to give the kids the opportunity to discover how they would/could use their power to change the world.  It is about kids speaking up for their rights and ideas, realizing that their ideas do matter and are heard.  The children’s ideas will then come to life, in a planned musical performance on empowerment.

This pilot program is a collaboration between One Stage Productions, Brio Integrated Theater, and the Lynch Elementary School as well as the Lincoln Elementary School in Winchester Ma.